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Kettukallion elämystilan savusauna ja palju

Kettukallio Experience farm (sauna)

Pohjolan Elämyskylä is located next to a pond and surrounded by evergreen forest. This ’experience village‘ offers a traditional smoke sauna, party rooftop, hot tub and kota (a traditional campfire shelter).

Accommodation: a fully equipped cottage (for extra comfort), rental cabins and waterfront cabin. Available to rent by the week or weekend.

Kisakallion urheiluopiston pääsisäänkäynti

Kisakallio Sports Institute

The Kisakallio Sports Institute is situated 10 km from the Lohja city centre. It offers versatile sports opportunities, nature paths, a lean-to, a swimming pool, two saunas by the lake and a beach. Approx. 250 beds of which 44 of hotel standard, 148 of institute standard and 60 new campus beds.

Lohirannan Kesäkoti

fax (019) 364 402

Lylyisten kartano

Lylyinen Manor

Housing in the idyllic landscape for 60 persons. A sauna by the lake for 30 persons. In addition, the manor has a dining hall for 50 people and conference and jubilee rooms in the old stables building. The surrounding nature enables versatile activities.

Pohjolan Tupien mökki

Pohjolan tuvat

Accommodation, rental cottages. Sauna and catered terrace available for rent. The cottages are well equipped.

We are open all year round.

050 575 5636

Gunnarlan maja

Open during winter Sat-Sun 10.00-16.00.
Bookings for other times Soili Liljander tel. (019) 386 632 or 040-7400464

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