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Art Galleries and Exhibitions

Kässän talo

Kässän talo (The Kässä House)

There were once fi ve peasant farms in the Virkkala village, one of which was named Kässä. The buildings of this farm have been standing in the same place since the beginning of the 19th century and the farmhouse was fi nished in 1888. The Kässä house has hosted e.g. the municipal hospital. The details of the Kässä house are masterpieces of neo-renaissance craftsmanship. The house has been renovated and serves as facilities for cultural events, exhibitions and festivities as well as concerts and various theme nights

Punainen Miinan mökki

Miina’s Cottage

This cabin from the 1860s was named after its longterm resident Miina Lönnrot, the niece of Elias Lönnrot. The cabin is located in Sammatti, in the vicinity of Paikkari Cottage. There are arts and crafts sales exhibition and art exhibitions in July and in August.

In summer 2020, from Tuesday to Sunday 10am–17pm.

30.6.-5.7. Mika Törönen (watercolour / aquarelle paintings)

7.-12.7. Elias Lönnrot Säätiö and Riitta Leijola (her own and the foundation’s paintings)

14.-19.7. Liisa Suominen, Maija Salo, Sirkku and Leija Mattila (handcrafts)

21.-26.7. Riitta Heino and Taija Peistamo (ceramics work, animal sculptures and paintings; leather costumes, leather bags and leather jewelry)

28.7.-2.8. Marja-Riitta Romanainen, Raija Pikku-Pyhältö and Riitta Karvonen (watercolour / aquarelle paintings, photographs and needlework)

Information and bookings via email or phone


The Granary (Lainajyvästö)

This shed for keeping grain crop is located next to the church and dates back to the 18th century. It used to be the corn bank for the Sammatti people for investing and loaning out corn. It is rented for exhibition use.

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