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FRUTICETUM – Fruit Gardens

The Fruit Garden, FRUTICETUM, is located in the region of Western Uusimaa, in the lush country-side of the Lohja Island.

FRUTICETUM is an exhibition garden, where all woody fruit and berry plant species that grow in Finland are exhibited.

The purpose of the garden is to show fully grown and productive trees and bushes to people who want to try to grow these plants in their own gardens.

So far, almost 300 varieties of apples have been planted in the garden. Among these you will find the local varieties grown in Lohja, old traditional species and newer ones, all arranged in separate groups of trees. We also exhibit varieties which are resistant to apple scab. We have planted 45 varieties of pear trees, 60 varieties of plum trees, around 40 different varieties of sweet and sour cherries and more than 20 varieties crab apples.

The garden also contains a good selection of currants and gooseberries as well as bush blueber-ries, Japanese quince, sea buckthorn, sweet mountain ash, saskatoon, honeysuckle, grapes etc. We are also trying some species which are new to our region, like apricots, elderberries and mulber-ries.

All species are planted in their own groups and marked with name signs. All together you can admire almost 2000 trees and bushes of fruit and berries that are able to sur-vive in our harsh climate.

We arrange plant exhibitions and tastings.

We take groups of minimum ten persons for guided tours in the garden.

There is a small café in the garden.

May-September, see our website and media announcement

Group reservations: +358 44 369 1309

Alitalon Omenaviinitila

Alitalo Apple Winery / Ciderberg

The Alitalo Apple Winery, surrounded by thousands of apple trees, is an unmissable experience for visitors, With animals, a café and wine shop. Catering for groups by advance booking. Opening times: daily in the summer season, by advance reservation at other times of the year.

Arboretum Magnolia

Arboretum Magnolia

Arboretum is closed 2019!

Arboretum Magnolia is a private tree collection park located in Lohja in southern Finland. The garden consists of trees, shrubs and perennials from across the world. Stumpery garden is our newest area

It will again be opened as follows:

Group visits
·Available from May 13 to October 14
·From Wednesdays till Saturdays between 10:00 and 18:00
·Entry fee 10 €/per person (children under 15 years free, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times)
·Minimum group size (5 people) and maximum size (45 people)
·Guided tour 1½ hours
Lohjan Matkailupalvelukeskus
Tel: +358 44 369 1309
Private visits
·Available from May 13 to October 14
·From Wednesdays till Saturdays between 12:00 and 18:00
·Entry fee 7 €/per person (children under 15 years get free entry)
·Self-acting tour with a map or a mobile application
·No reservation
·Self service cafe

More information on Arboretum Magnolia’s website and Facebook

Facebook page

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