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Ihmisiä Karnaistenkorven luontopolulla

Karnaistenkorpi nature trail 3,3 – 7km

Karnaistenkorpi is the largest integral recreation area in Lohja (approximately 200 hectares). Here you can find large crags connected by valleys, patches of marshland, quietly flowing forest streams and two beautiful forest ponds. Here in the backwoods you can enjoy the silence of nature and feel the wilderness. There is a story-trail suitable for families, and 21 new signboards with information on the vegetation, wild animals, environment and natural phenomena. The trail is easy to walk as many parts of it are covered by a boardwalk.

A special featureof Karnaistenkorpi is that it is located above the Helsinki-Turku motorway, which enters a tunnel segment by Karnaistenkorpi.

Services: Camp fire spots, outhouse, information boards, nature trail guide booklet (online only, Finnish only), story-trail booklet, “laavu” shelters by Sorvalampi pond and Ahvenanlampi pond.

Karnaistenkorpi nature trail map (pdf.)

Koivun norkkoja

Karkali Nature Park 0,5 to 6 km and Torhola Cave

The Karkali nature park is one of the finest grove areas in Southern Finland. Its landscape has a unique touch to it in the spring, summer and autumn. The glow of white windfl owers in the spring is amazing and the fall colours of the trees during the autumn are radiant

The Torhola Cave is a new nature sight. It is one of the largest cave formations in Finland, created by the melting water after the Ice Age. The cave is almost 30 metres long and there are many cavities of all sizes. Just take caution if you are to enter the cave! From the Karkalitie car park, there is a marked nature path of approximately one kilometre that takes you from the cave to the fine common alder grove by the lake. Along the path, you can get acquainted with both of the rare elm species growing in Finland, the fluttering elm and the mountain elm, as well as the amazing common lindens that were used to make ropes for sailing ships.

Services: Info board, outdoor toilet by the parking area, picnic tables and waste disposal.

Lahokallion luontopolku

Lahokallio Nature Trail 1,5 km

Lahokallio has become a popular recreational site due to its beauty and excellent trail network. Near the shore, the causeway crosses a beautiful common alder grove. The cliffs are topped with scarcely growing pines that let the light through. The steep, mighty shores of Lahokallio cliff, located on the peninsula pushing into Lake Lohja, are truly unique.

Services: Information board, a small brochure about the nature trail, boardwalks.

NB! Lahokallio Nature Trail is being renewed at the moment. Nature trail signs might not be at their places.

Liessaaren luontopolun näkymä järvelle

Liessaari Nature Trail 2 km

The Liessaari nature trail leads through many different environments on the island – groves, heaths and cliffs with quarries. The view from the western quarry is wide open toward the open waters of Lake Lohja. The groves host large ferns and birds like icterine warblers and blackcaps and there are tree pipits and redstarts in the heaths. You can rest a bit and enjoy snacks at the island laavu.

Services: Wind shelter campfire site, docking place for boats, information board, a small brochure about the nature trail.

Paavolan tammi kesällä

Paavola Nature Trail 1 km

You can get acquainted with oak trees in Paavola along a nature trail with 15 checkpoint boards, The trail runs trough a handsome deciduous woodland where plenty of oaks, lime trees and hazel grow. The largest oak tree in Lohja is found in Paavola (circumference 668 cm, height 12 m) and it is protected by the nature conservation act as a natural monument. There are three additional recreational paths in Lohjansaari and one nature path in Karjalohja.

Services: Information board, a small brochure, a bench offering beautiful views.

Paloniemi nature and culture trail 1km

The trail which passes through the grounds that used to belong to the Paloniemi Manor, offers four hectares of meadows and pastures. The grounds also offer manor culture, ancient relics and many plants which have spread from the east to the region through movements of man. Services: Info and checkpoint boards, small brochure.

Pähkinäniemi Nature Trail 1,2 km

Pähkinäniemi (“Nut Peninsula”) got its name from the hazels that grow around the peninsula. The treelike hazels give the whole peninsula a lush atmosphere. Pähkinäniemi is also known for its unique plant and fungus species. The lime content of the soil and lushness provide fertile places of growth for various endangered species. You can refresh yourself with a dip in Lake Lohja on a beach at the tip of the peninsula.

Services: Info board, a small brochure about the nature trail, beach and performance stage.

Talvia Giant´s kettle

The giant´s kettles, also known as potholes, were formed during the end of the ice age, about 10.000 years ago. In the past, people thought that a giant had made the holes in the rock therefore they were named giant´s kettles. The giant´s kettles in Talvia are located on private grounds but access is permmitted based on the every man´s right. However, you are not allowed to cut branches, collect firewood or moss and you cannot flight camp fires on the grounds.

Size: The big giant´s kettle is approx. 3 m wide and approx. 5 m deep. The small kettle is less than half a meter wide and only some tens of centimeters deep. Above the big kettle, there are two very small ones, only approx. 10-15 cm deep.
Location: Approx. 400 m from the parking area on Hiidenkirnuntie (the path is marked with yellow signs).

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