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Lohjan Pyhän Laurin kirkko

Church of St. Lawrence

The Lohja church, dedicated to St. Lawrence, is due to its exceptionally rich painted ornaments one of the most remarkable architectural monuments of medieval Finnish churches. The church is estimated to have been finished in the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. The size of the Lohja church is notable: it is the third largest stone church after the Turku and Naantali Birgitta-style churches. The rich al-secco style paintings of the Lohja church have a unique status as the last medieval art creations of Finland. The primary function of the pictures was to teach the illiterate. The grey stone foot of the bell tower on the southeast corner of the church is probably from the Middle Ages. The wooden parts of the bell tower were given their present form during the vast reparations after the Great Northern War.

Opening hours:
1.5.-30.9. 9-16, other dates 12-15
The Lohja Congregation
phone (019) 328 4224, 328 4226.

Group visits and guiding as well as visits outside the opening hours:
The Lohja Tourist Service Centre, phone or mail.