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Karkali Nature Park 0,5 to 6 km and Torhola Cave

The Karkali nature park is one of the finest grove areas in Southern Finland. Its landscape has a unique touch to it in the spring, summer and autumn. The glow of white windfl owers in the spring is amazing and the fall colours of the trees during the autumn are radiant

The Torhola Cave is a new nature sight. It is one of the largest cave formations in Finland, created by the melting water after the Ice Age. The cave is almost 30 metres long and there are many cavities of all sizes. Just take caution if you are to enter the cave! From the Karkalitie car park, there is a marked nature path of approximately one kilometre that takes you from the cave to the fine common alder grove by the lake. Along the path, you can get acquainted with both of the rare elm species growing in Finland, the fluttering elm and the mountain elm, as well as the amazing common lindens that were used to make ropes for sailing ships.

Services: Info board, outdoor toilet by the parking area, picnic tables and waste disposal.